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Complete Planing Machine

Wood Thickness Machine

Wood Thickness Machine

Band Saw

ilting table upto 36°

Top precision guide

Rack-and-pinion (optional extra)


  • Spoke cast-iron wheels
  • Cast-iron table, which tilts upto 36°
  • Top precision guide
  • Bottom guide with wooden blocks

Technical data

Diameter of saw wheels 800 mm
Max. cutting height 490 mm
Max. cutting width 770 mm
Table size 1090 x 770 mm
Max. length of blade 5480 mm
Max. width of blade 40 x 0,7 mm
Motor power 4 (2,9 Kw) HP (Kw)
R.P.M. of wheels 760 R.P.M
Overall dimensions (HxLxW) 2270x1400x840 mm
Net weight 480 kg.
Gross weight (crate) 540 kg.
Gross weight (case) 640 Kg.
Shipping volume 2,15 m3
Diameter of saw wheels






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