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PIUSI Self Service 2.0

THE NEW SELF SERVICE 2.0 is the most advanced solution of management of a fuel delivery system. Thanks to the LAN or Wi-Fi your Self Service FM and MC 2.0 interact with the software, which allows you to control the entire system by monitoring tanks, vehicles and users, alerts you to critical situations and gives you the ability to process reports.


A vast range of motorized compressors capable of meeting the highly diverse and demanding needs of professionals in the field. The result of 40 years of ongoing experience, they feature a new and highly appealing design, and are both compact and powerful. Silent and highly reliable through time.


The absence of welding angle makes the cleaning after the use easy. The bottom of the drum of 3,00 mm thick can support without effort solicitations during continuous works.


The PACLITE double drum roller VR6500KE is a hydraulic driven roller intended for compaction on both soil and asphalt. It is equipped with a powerful Kubota engine and an improved 47 liters water tank which enables long working sessions. It is also equipped with a new hydraulic tank of 31 liters to improve cooling in continuous operations.


The PACLITE 900mm 1600Kg roller features dual drum drive for maximum traction and articulated steering for extremely accurate control. Kubota Diesel powered units offer a high quality finish for asphalt applications. Outstanding overall roller performance and a high exciter frequency allow compaction at faster speeds while still delivering even coverage and precise results.


Submersible pump for draining and removal of water from trench sand building sites without use of electric power. The FORCE pump can take aggregates as large as 19mm and offer a more rugged heavy duty design.

M900- J900- M1200

The Series Master 900 & Master 1200 incorporates amazing balance, improved serviceability, and your choice of wide or narrow frame, straight or foldable handle providing contractors with the ideal machine for residential and general construction work. The large Master 1200 is designed for high speed burnishing up to 180 r.p.m with a HD gearbox and PACLITE patented drive system.

PACLITE “Get a grip on the best”. Our new Anti-Vibration handle design dramatically reduces the vibration transmitted to the operator. These height-adjustable handles will increase operator comfort and decrease fatigue over an eight-hour day. The economic new trowel J-900 is equipped with straight handle and centrifugal clutch.

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