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Portable Compressors VRK 185

VRK 185 D compressor has been designed and manufactured to offer an economical, powerful and handy solution for those who need a big quantity of compressed air in a reduced space: its high performances guarantee a 1800 litres air delivery in just 1 m3, making of it the most compact diesel compressor.

VRK 185 D has got a new design steel canopy, extremely low consumptions and one of its main and most appreciated features is the handling and transport ease, thanks to its extremely reduced dimensions.

Portable Compressors VRK 220

GAMMA VRK - Potenza, versatilità, ridotte dimensioni e bassi consumi (Portate da 1,2 a 2,15 m3/min) VRK range combines to reduced dimensions, the efficiency of the screw compressor, entirely designed and produced in ROTAIR factory

Fuel tank with 15lt capacity made of transparent material for immediate level control. Easily removable thanks to a special fold away handle. Limeted fuel consumption thanks to the automatic and progressive acceleration of the engine speed according to the required air (ECONOMY SYSTEM).

Portable Compressors MDVN

New, more modern design with a more aggressive and streamlined look. Compact dimensions for handling ease, whilst at the same offering high performance levels. Environmental respect: the general acoustic pressure levels are the lowest levels as indicated in the current legislative limits. Motorization system using liquid cooling system only, which is more reliable and less noisy. Special "BS" sandblasting version that includes a compressed air cooling radiator and a automatic condensation separator to ensure the delivery of de-humified air. Protection device for cold starting of the diesel engine.



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